Summer 2014

Issue Eleven


Editor’s Letter

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Dear Readers,

You may remember that in my last letter to you, I spoke of change and all it entails both inwardly and outwardly. This time, I want to talk about something that is paramountly necessary to find after a period of change (but often not so easy to)- balance.

That's a big word- balance. What does it mean exactly? For me, it is relative to energy. The energy we exude and in turn, that which we get back from others- ultimately culminating in universal energy (the kind which has some bearing on karma). Balance is the beginning and the end of that. So, if we're out of balance, it affects everything else in a chain

reaction. And we are often out of balance because simply put, we need to be so adaptive to our ever changing fast-paced world that we lose mindfulness of it.

Particularly following a period of great change, balance can be disturbed. But it is also at this time when we become more aware of how much we need it because we're more sensitive to how everything around us has suddenly become new. That is where I am now; it's both liberating and terrifying at the same time. And I know the centre of everything is me and that I need to find my centre. How does one do that?

It begins with lifestyle. Routine is massively productive to good balance; feeling safe in your schedule allows the mind to have space. It goes without saying that good diet and exercise is vital too. From there, it is largely about learning to trust yourself. We seem to live in a world in which everyone has something 'wrong' with them. It only occurred to me recently that, given the beautiful albeit large-scale developments Façonner has been privy to of late, it is absolutely fine for me to feel rushed off my feet with overt adrenalin. Sometimes, it is about acknowledging you feel a certain way and simply saying 'that's ok, I'll let it be there'.

I am delighted to inform you that the reason I'm inspired to discuss this with you dear readers, is because Façonner has once again expanded. It's acquired a new space (again) which we are taking delight in designing, curating and ultimately creating. But this of course didn't happen overnight and in fact follows a period not only of change, but great difficulty (the sports injury I speak of in this issue is genuinely only one part of the myriad of recent occurrences- they do say 'when it rains, it pours'). After such, balance must be sought because it is necessary to ensure everything we hold of real value (and this becomes very clear after a tumultuous time) is shrouded in absolute positivity and love. With that energy things become good and with good, balance is inspired.

In this issue thus, we probably have some of the most poignant articles Façonner Editorial has ever seen. From a beauty perspective, I discuss and review skincare with a focus on dry, damaged skin- some wonderful products are divulged no less than AEOS Skincare which I am delighted, following my absolute wonder in its fabulousness, to welcome to our family as Façonner is now curating this brand. I also urge you to read my article on the safety of exercise in the Lifestyle section and to take note of the points made in your own healthy fitness journey. The Era of the Entrepreneur (which I did promise I would explore in my last letter to you!) was probably one of the most enjoyable articles to write and I am interested particularly to learn your view on this. We also interview the wonderful interior designer Louise Bradley who gives some inspired advice on balancing the home. And of course, much more.

So please, enjoy this issue and take a moment to contemplate balance because it is everything in our individual well-being and as a direct response, that of our world. And lastly but most essentially, once you come to understand what it really means, you learn how to retain it through periods of change. Nothing will shake that core and if you don't believe me, well, you better because next time my topic is resilience. 

Yours Sincerely,

Francesca Barrow