October 2013

Issue Ten


Editor’s Letter

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Dear Reader,

There is something about Autumn which inspires me to look inward. As a child of Summer, I've always felt rather obligated to regard my birth-season as my favourite. The truth is though, I'm a secret Autumn-lover. There is something about the air at this time of year that fills one with a sense of trueness; as though we are shedding old skin as the trees shed their leaves. And perhaps that comes from the feeling that September is in a way the start of a new year more so than January. When we are young, it's the month that the new school or university term starts. And in my profession now, September brings fashion week and design week. Altogether, Autumn is a time for change and I am delighted that Façonner's Editorial has returned to mark the occasion.

It is no secret that Façonner's Editorial has been on a rather long hiatus. The reason for this is most befitting to the above. As many of you know, the editorial is only one part of the Façonner name and took a back seat whilst the rest of the company went through a big change- an expansion to be more precise. Façonner found a home; we opened a building in which we do what we do best, curate luxury design. Indeed, it has been a journey to say the least and as CEO of Façonner, I'm sure you can only imagine the kind of workload such an expansion entailed. The insurmountable pressure that arose from this taught me something very important. In life, we often feel that we aren't moving fast enough. Particularly in my generation (that which I call 'the era of the entrepreneur'- something which I will explore in a later issue more deeply), the young are being forced to grow up quicker and those who are already established constantly feel they have to do more to keep up; remaining in the midst of their work-pressure turmoil. I know that I've certainly felt this way for a long time. As such a sense of urgency piles up, we are subjected to an amount of stress which I am lucky to recount that I realised quickly was not healthy. I came to the understanding that life is called a journey for a reason- because it is just that. And there are different stages to a journey. I came to the acceptance that my mind conjures ideas faster than it's possible to execute them; and that's fine. My new motto is 'everything will get done'. In reality, it's about coming to trust yourself; about realising that you've done it before and you will do it again but with mindfulness and whilst staying present. With that trust in place, you can not only achieve anything, but most importantly, enjoy the journey.

This issue is about the sense of contentment and inspiration that comes with change. We speak with the co-founder of Elvis and Kresse, Kresse Wessling about his innovative brand that reuses interesting materials to create design and jewellery designer Zoe Harding tells us about her nature-inspired collection 'The Hunt' (fashion). I tell of a fabulous treatment at the Hand & Foot Spa that brings nails to life and in looking forward to the cosiness that colder weather brings, give my review on the great taste at The Cadogan (lifestyle). Finally, take a look at the other articles in this issue including ‘Go High or Go Home’ debating on whether our heels are getting too high and ‘Technology; the social isolater’ which is equally as fascinating, to mention but a few. Hopefully, you will read them with the same sense of inspiration that they were written with. And don't forget to take a moment to go outside and breath in the Autumn air; Winter will come soon and that will be equally beautiful.

Yours Sincerely,

Francesca Barrow